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Our Current Gas & Diesel Prices
Unleaded Regular with 10% Ethanol $2.899 per gallon, effective 3/14/19
Unleaded Plus with 10% Ethanol $3.149 per gallon, effective 4/11/19
4ULSD (2% BioDiesel) $3.899 per gallon, effective 3/14/19
Winterized Deisel available from November 15th to March 15th.
Commercial Fueling
Welcome to the Mountain Fuels/Pacific Pride
Fueling Network
Mountain Fuels would like to offer you the opportunity to utilize our card-lock system to gain control of your fuel expenses. As a member of the Pacific Pride network, you will have access to over 324 fueling sites across the nation. As an additional benefit, Pacific Pride has the most up-to-date services available to add value to your fuel budgeting requirements.
Some of the advantanges of utilizing the system are:
  • 24 hour access of fueling sites
  • Little or no lost time waiting in line
  • No petty cash disbursements
  • No receipts to manage
  • Individual cards for drivers and/or vehicles
  • Top quality fuel
  • Diesel at all sites
  • Full service site amenities
  • Convenient site locations
Third party cards also accepted:
  • Camdata
  • Fleet One
  • Wright Express
  • TCH
  • Voyager

Trucks fuel up with gas or on road diesel at our facility located at 190 King Street in East Stroudsburg. Call us at 570-421-3460 for information about commercial fueling for your company.

And most importantly:
  • Detailed semi-monthly billing showing:
    • Time and location of fueling
    • Gallons dispensed
    • Price per gallon
    • Automated MPG Calculation
    • Summarized reporting available for tax purposes
Our integrated system allows you to track the fuel usage of each vehicle to properly determine maintenance needs and driving habits.
Please call us at 1-800-233-8118 if you have any questions or to request an application to become a member of the Pacific Pride Team.
190 King Street - East Stroudsburg, PA 18301  570-421-3460  1-800-233-8118
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