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Payment Plans
Over the past several years, the price of all energy in the U.S. has increased singnificantly as world demand as a whole has increased and especially as we Americans have continued to consume more and more energy in all forms, especially petroleum.
In an ongoing attempt to provide you, our customers with the highest level of service at the best possible price, we at Mountain Fuels have developed three new plans to help you save money on your fuel oil.
Mountain Fuels is making these offers to our existing customers first so that you may take advantage of one of these plans before we open it up to the general public for new customers.
Summer Fill-Up Special
This is exactly as the name implies. For those of you who have large tanks (500, 1000 or larger), you may fill you tank between now and Labor Day while wholesale oil prices are usually at their lowest. The minimum delivery for summer fill is 250 gallons. The actual price you will pay will be based upon the quantity purchased.
Prepay (Summer Program)
Here again, this is simple and direct. You tell us how much oil you would like to prepurchase for the upcoming heating season, pay us for it during the offering, and it's your oil. We deliver it all winter long at no extra charge. This is by far the best deal and has become extremely popular over the last several years. Keep in mind that because oil market conditions can and do change.
Budget Max Insurance
This program is for those who can't or don't want to pay for a large volume of oil in the summer, but would like to put a cap on the maximum amount they will pay for oil during the season. The program does require that your tank be full at the beginning of the budget plan and you must be on "automatic delivery". The fee for this price protection is only $175.00 for the entire heating season.
There is a limited amount of oil available for these programs, so please respond immediately when offered so that you don't miss out on this opportunity to save hundreds even thousands of dollars.
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