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Plan 1
Labor & Annual Maintenance Coverage*
All heating systems require some maintenance on a regular basis to operate at thier greatest efficiency levels and any mechanical equipment an at times fail.
Plan 2
Labor, Annual Maintenance & Basic Parts*
Some customers prefer the security of knowing that some of the most often replaced parts are insured by their service plan. For those we offer plan 2
Plan 3
Comprehensive Parts & Service*
Many of our customers have told us that, Heating Service Contracts are too complicated. "It takes a Philadelphia Attorney to understand them", was one quote. We've listened and now offer complete protection with plan 3.
*The initial inspection and evaluation of your unit will determine what plan you are eligible for. When you're deciding what plan coverage you want, keep in mind that much like extended warranties on new cars, you cannot upgrade to a more comprehensive plan as your unit gets older. On newly installed units we allow a 2 year grace period for upgrade to plan 3.
Please Read - IMPORTANT NOTICE - Please Read
In order to insure you get the maximum efficiency out of your unit, preventive maintenance is required. It is the customer's responsibility to schedule their annual tune-up/burner cleaning within 30 days of thier service plan renewal invoice. Failure to comply may result in non-coverage of avoidable emergency calls.
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